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The Cave of Dacke

Here, according to legend, the wounded Nils Dacke laid hidden from the troops of King Gustav Vasa. Nils Dacke led the farmers from Småland during the uprising against the king. With his army of farmers he conquered the whole of Småland and could celebrate the Christmas of 1542 as master of the Kronoberg castle. At Stegeborg in Östergötland however his army was defeated by the King´s German mercenaries. Dacke´s farmers retreated across Kisa, Vimmerby, Hultsfred and the last final battle stood on the ice of the lake Hjorten by Virserum on the 20th of March, 1543. Nils Dacke was wounded and his army was dissolved. According to the legend he was taken to the cave badly wounded. He later escaped and went back to his home district in Blekinge. He was betrayed by his own men and was caught and killed by mercenaries.
Location: outside Virserum, beside the lake (follow the shore past the camping site, the cave is to be found right after the ski slope).

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