Hagelsrums Masugn

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The Blast Furnace at Hagelsrum

In May 1748 Wilhelm Mauritz Pauli got the privilege to build a blast furnace on his residency at Hagelsrum.

The present blast furnace with mechanical wind house and waterwheel house was built 1853. It is a magnificent construction that shows great building skills. The raw material to the iron was ore that came from the surrounding lakes. The supplies of charcoal was also a major condition for the ability to run a blast furnace. Pig iron was manufactured and supplied to the steel industry. At first it went to Storebro, later to Rosenfors, or just used as cast iron. Through history small parts of the iron pigs were used for making pots, frying pans, mortars and similar things. The blast furnace was last used in 1877. In 1756 the baron Carl Fredrik Pechlin took over the ownership of the blast furnace in Hagelsrum. Later Pechlin was suspected to be involved in the murder of King Gustav III. He ended his days in the fortress of Varberg, which was used as a prison.

Close to the blast furnace is the house of the site manager. The locals call it "Vita Havet" (the White Ocean). In the summer of 1995 a restoration of the house started. It has been empty since the 1960s. The work was done through a "building caring camp" where the participants learned old crafts. Two fortnight camps have been organized and a third is on its way. The house is probably from the 18th century and a study group is researching in the matter to find more about its history.

Location: go east in the roundabout and folllow the road towards Kristdala and Hagelsrum. The blast furnace is on the right side of the river Silverån

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