Lilla Sverigebyn cottages

Address: Brånhult 251, Vimmerby

Area: Vimmerby


Cottages | Lilla Sverigebyn-little swedish village!All ages should experience our unique eco-village where people,animals & nature live with each other in peace and freedom.All incl.unique breakfast/dinner buffets,exciting activities,bed linen,towels, final cleaning.

Lilla Sverigebyn's motto:

We wish a life of peace, freedom, and without suffering

for people and animals at all times!

In the winter of 2006 we discovered an abandoned oldstyle-smolandian village near Astrid Lindgren's birthplace Vimmerby. Almost around the corner from sites like Katthult and Bullerbyn, known from the stories about Emil of Lönneberga and The six Bullerby children. After extensive renovation and expansion work, it has become a dreamlike holiday village with very dedicated staff and where sustainability, an organic- and vegan lifestyle play a leading role. The village consists of three former typical smolandian (Småland) farms-houses and is surrounded by a magical forest and unspoiled pastures. A river where y...

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