Lilla Sverigebyn Norrland

Address: Brånhult 251, 59892 Vimmerby (show map)
Location: Vimmerby

Lägenheter och rum | Lilla Sverigebyn-little swedish village!All ages should experience our unique eco-village where people,animals & nature live with each other in peace and freedom.All incl.unique breakfast/dinner buffets,exciting activities,bed linen,towels, final cleaning.

Lilla Sverigebyn's motto:
We wish a life of peace, freedom, and without suffering
for people and animals at all times!

In the winter of 2006 we discovered an abandoned oldstyle-smolandian village near Astrid Lindgren's birthplace Vimmerby. Almost around the corner from sites like Katthult and Bullerbyn, known from the stories about Emil of Lönneberga and The six Bullerby children. After extensive renovation and expansion work, it has become a dreamlike holiday village with very dedicated staff and where sustainability, an organic- and vegan lifestyle play a leading role. The village consists of three former typical smolandian (Småland) farms-houses and is surrounded by a magical forest and unspoiled pastures. A river where you can go canoeing and gorgeous lakes can be reached by foot, with our free bicycles or by car. Enjoy pure nature and relaxation! We named it " Lilla Sverigebyn " ( The little Swedish village ) because it represents our country just perfectly with its red wooden houses in the old Swedish style. Our guests come to enjoy and experience the charm of past times without sacrificing modern facilities though.

Dear guests, we invite you to experience first hand how humans, animals and nature can live in peace and freedom with each other, all in Astrid Lindgren's mind.

The holiday village offers different types of accommodation; be it in a little red cottage, in a room of the large villa, a holiday home or even in rented or your own tent – whatever experience and comfort you desire. Also, all common areas, play- and creativity materials and equipment are free to use: exciting game and play areas indoors and outdoors for the youngest, table tennis, darts, trampoline, bikes, our own barn-cinema for rainy days and free-living tame animals to observe. You are also welcome to join gymnastics, yoga and forest meditation for free. Our surrounding countryside offers excessive trails for, hiking and jogging. Our big campfire-place can be used at all times and sometimes it´s joined by someone playing the guitar or the accordion. Ayurveda treatments in the shaman's tent do require extra payment.

Breakfast and dinner in our cozy restaurant "Futterscheune" (food barn) are included. Here, our small but highly motivated team of chefs, prepare your meal from scratch with only the best ingredients and lots of love on top of that. And why not enjoying your carefully prepared meal on the outdoor-terrace surrounded by greenery. The dining room offers also a play area with lots of toys and materials for the children and board games for the older ones. So that the adults can enjoy their meal in peace or even have an extra cup of Fairtrade coffee or tea, while the kids are happy and busy. Just like it is supposed to be on a great vacation.

Our restaurant kitchen uses preferably seasonal and organic foods, if possible from within our country or region and partly even from our own permaculture garden. All the delicious dishes are prepared excluding any ingredients from animalic origin (exept Quorn that contains eggs). We do not use MSG or other man-made flavour enhancers nor GMO modified ingredients and avoid all synthetic and harmful additives.

From 8-10am a really good revitalizing breakfast is offered. Our varied buffet is a colourful mix of fresh and tasty fruit, vegetables and plenty healthy vegan products, produced with ingredients from nature and organic farming. The health and welfare of our guests is an affair of heart for the employees of the Lilla Sverigebyn so guests are spoiled from early morning on with nutritionally complete, fresh and fruity treats.

All big and little guests of the Lilla Swerigebyn are particularly looking forward to our summer evening menu. A well thought through selection of delicious and healthy foods and drinks will be served as all you can eat buffee every evening between 6-8.30 pm.

The daily changing dinner menu consists of:
-three innovative fresh salads
-a clear vegetable broth with fresh herbs
-crispbread with homemade vegan spreads
-a hot main dish
-two side dishes
-three carefully prepared hot vegetable side dishes
-a delicious dessert
-a selection of organic teas, coffe, cold drinks and our smoothie of the day

If you want to BBQ instead, you are welcome to pick up a vegan barbecue basket from the kitchen.

You will find our small shelf shop situated. Here you can purchase delicious, vital, healthy and animal-free sweets, snacks, herbal teas and locally produced Björn berry syrup. All goods offered are organically grown or directly from nature, vegan and without harmful chemical additives. Good as a gift or as a snack. We also offer homemade organic and pure natural cosmetics.

Ice Cream: From rice milk and your choice of frozen fruit you magically compose your own vegan ice cream within seconds. You will find the small Magic Ice Cream factory in the reception – a taste adventure not to be missed! In addition you may want to have a good cup of original Fairtrade espresso, coffee or tea with a delicious piece of vegan cake or Sverigebyns Chokiknäck (chocolate crispbread), all to be enjoyed in the idyllic garden café.

Especially recommended are also our
Vital weeks, Nature weeks and Animal-lovers weeks
with daily exciting free program for all ages.
During these theme weeks we offer a discount of
25% off the regular half-board price!

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Booking service

Nordic Travel, Smålands official organizer, is responsible for the booking.

Customer service

Hultsfreds Turistbyrå
Stora Torget 2, Hultsfred
+ (46) 495- 24 05 05

Booking service

Nordic Travel, Smålands official organizer, is responsible for the booking.

Customer service

Hultsfreds Turistbyrå
Stora Torget 2, Hultsfred
+ (46) 495- 24 05 05